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Steps to Swimming Success - Step 2

Steps to Swimming Success – Step 2

Learn to Swim Videos

This is the second in a series of three blog posts where we walk you through the steps to Swimming Success. In our first blog post in this series we talked about Swim Step 1 and making your child’s first time in the water a comfortable and happy one. In this blog post we’ll go over how you can help your toddler build confidence in the water and set them up for future swim training success. Mario Vittone joins us once again as narrator. Let’s make a splash together with Swim Step 2 – Water Exploration.  Continue reading

Steps to Swimming Success - Step 1

Steps to Swimming Success – Step 1

Learn to Swim Videos

In April we had a blast filming three new videos for our Swim Steps line of products called “Steps to Swimming Success” at Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation’s Williams Farm location. Each video covers a different step of the learn to swim process and features the voice of former U.S. Coast Guard rescue swimmer and water safety expert, Mario Vittone. Let’s take a look at Swim Step 1 – Water Introduction.  Continue reading

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Tips for Your Child’s First Time in the Water

We hope you had an awesome weekend and celebrated National Learn to Swim Day with your family and friends! Memorial Day is coming up and that means outdoor pools across the U.S. will begin to open for summer. Are you prepared for your child’s first time in the water? If you’re looking for tips, click here to read 5 Tips for Your Child’s First Time in the Water on AltDaily.

SwimWays Swim Team Ambassadors

Swim Team Ambassador Stories

Our Swim Team ambassadors and their families had a great summer in the water!

Did you know that tomorrow is the first day of fall? It’s hard to believe that summer is over. During the summer months our Swim Steps Swim Team ambassadors celebrated the warm weather with their families, from playing in the water to relaxing on a pool float. What was most important to us was that our ambassador friends took advantage of this opportunity to not only bond with their children, but to help their children become more confident in the water and teach them to swim.

Here are just some of our ambassador summer highlights for you to enjoy. Continue reading