Looking for guest bloggers to share their learn to swim story

learning to swim

Every child is different – especially when learning to swim. Some will immediately take to the water like a fish, while others will feel timid until they’ve spent hours in the pool. But no matter what swimming trials and tribulations you encounter with your child, chances are, a fellow parent has been there too. So go ahead – share your swim solutions! How did you help your little guppy transform into a dolphin? Tell your fellow parents what worked for your family.

Do you have an inspiring learn to swim story you are willing to share with other families? If so we’d love you to guest blog for us. Should your story by selected, we’ll share it on this website as a resource to inspire others to learn to swim. Find out how to share your swim story below!

1. Write your story.

In 500 words or less, tell us about your swimming journey. Here are a few questions to get you thinking:

  • Was there a moment or person that inspired you to learn to swim?
  • Did you or your child overcome challenges along the way? How?
  • Did you find a great coach to help you? Give them a shout out!
  • Did you learn in a class, at home, or individually?
  • How did you make the process fun or calm your child’s fears?

(Read other swim stories to get inspired!)

2. Select a picture or make a video.

This could be a photo of you or your child in the pool, a picture of your swim club, or even a
drawing your child made about their experience! Or make a video of yourself or your child swimming in the pool and send us the link to include in your story.

3. Send in your story.

Send your story and accompanying pictures/video links via email to the marketing department. Please include your full name, your email address, and phone number where we can reach you in your message. If you would rather mail your story to us, send it to us on a CD, DVD, or thumb drive at the below address. (Drawings don’t have to be in electronic format.)

My Swim Story
ATTN: Marketing Department
Swimways Corp.
5816 Ward Court
Virginia Beach, VA 23455

Unfortunately we are not able to return any items that you send to us, so if something is of value to you, such as a photo or drawing, send us a copy instead.

By sending us your materials and information, you affirm that:

  • Swimways Corp. has your permission to re-publish the content on SwimWays websites and promote the story via SwimWays social media accounts and in other marketing materials.
  • That the materials you send to us are entirely of your own creation and do not infringe on anyone elses copyright.
  • That you are the legal guardian of, or have the written permission of the legal guardian to, minors mentioned in your story or shown in the image related to your story.

Swimways reserves the right to make minor edits to your story or picture, such as spelling and grammar corrections, or removing information to protect the identity of minors.

4. Notification.

We cannot reply to every story submitted to us, however should we select your story for publication, you will be notified.

Thank you for sharing your learn to swim story!