2017 National Learn to Swim Day Logo

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  1. Mharvz says:

    How I wish to attend this big event … I am the Swimming Supervisor of one of the local schools here in Cambodia. I have the passion to teach them water safety and other life skills. However, i know that i need more to give more for my students. Please help me make a big difference and awareness in the lives of Cambodian people. I am a Filipino and has been trusted to train local khmer coaches and more than 300 students. please shoot me an email: mharvzcool@gmail.com

    1. Hi Mharvz,

      Thanks for all you are doing to help kids learn to swim and to train swim coaches, that is super awesome! You can host a Learn to Swim Day anywhere in the world at any time. Please use our toolkit to plan your event and tag us on social media (@SwimWays and #SwimWays) to let us know what you are doing. We have passed along your comment and email to our team to see what else we can do to assist you in your efforts in Cambodia.

      Best wishes,
      The SwimWays Team

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