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Pool Noodles and Noodle Toys

SwimWays makes all kinds of pool noodles, noodle toys, and noodle accessories!

Noodles are an easy and affordable way to make your pool the best place to be this summer. In addition to classic pool noodles, we also make ride-ons, floating chairs, and toys made of noodles that kids of all ages can enjoy. Dive into this article to see all the ways we are using our noodles to make your pool time more fun.

Pool Noodles and Aqua Riders

SwimWays Swim Noodles, Super Swim Noodles, and Aqua Riders

Aqua Riders

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Aqua Riders

Aqua Riders

Aqua Riders are soft and buoyant pool noodle characters that kids can float on and ride!

Each Aqua Rider noodle features an integrated foam character head and tail. Styles include Sea Turtle, Narwhal, Pink Flamingo, and Tiger Shark.

New for the 2016 swim season is the Aqua Rider Squirter. Aqua Rider Squirters have a built-in squirt gun that draws water from the pool so it doesn’t have to be re-loaded.

Great for everyday play and pool parties, too. Grab one of each style to create your own floating zoo!

Swim Noodles and Super Swim Noodles

Swim Noodles

Super Swim Noodles

SwimWays pool noodles are made right here in the USA in our Virginia Beach factory! We make two sizes of noodles: regular Swim Noodles (approximately 55″ in length and 2 3/8″ in diameter) and large size Super Swim Noodles (approximately 55″ in length and 3.25″ in diameter).

Our brightly colored swim noodles have endless uses! Use them for games, flotation, and as added support during swim training practice. Check out our Pinterest board for creative ways to use pool noodles.

Noodle Lightsabers

Star Wars Noodle Lightsabers

Star Wars Noodle Lightsabers

Wage an epic battle between the dark and light with our Star Wars Noodle Lightsabers!

These soft foam noodles have character-specific hilts and colors: Red for Darth Vader, blue for Luke Skywalker, and green for Yoda.

Kids love to play with their Noodle Lightsabers in the pool or on dry land. Makes a great Star Wars party favor! (See all our amazing Star Wars pool toys here.)

Noodle Knights

Noodle Knights

Noodle Knights

Encourage imaginative role play with these soft foam toys shaped like swords!

Perfect for warrior princesses and knights in shining swimsuits, kids can wage a battle in the pool or on land with innovative Noodle Knights noodle toys.

Grab a few for your next kid’s birthday party. (We think these are especially great for pirate-themed parties!)

Noodle Sling

Noodle Sling

Noodle Sling

Noodle Slings are the perfect floating chair for pool parties, small pools, and vacations.

This low-profile floating chair is made from durable fabric and a soft mesh seat. Simply thread a pool noodle (not included) through the sleeves of the sling and you’ve got a comfortable and affordable pool seat for all your guests.

When not in use, the Noodle Sling takes up little room, so it’s a great space-saver. Available in lime green and dark blue colors.

Where can I buy SwimWays pool noodles and noodle toys?

SwimWays noodles and noodle toys are available at Target, Toys “R” Us, Leslie’s Pool Supply, and dozens of pool shops around the country.

Flood Force Water Blasters

It won’t be long before the warm weather returns and you’ll be looking for ways to get the kids out of the house to play! Flood Force water blasters are the perfect solution, providing a fun classic game while also keeping your youngsters cool on those hot summer days.

With retailers stocked to the brim with water soakers, now is the perfect time to stock-up. Target stores carry the complete SwimWays Flood Force water blaster line, including a Target exclusive, the Flood Force Power Core.

Flood Force water soakers for every kid

From small squirters for younger kids to blasters with high-capacity water tanks for older kids, Flood Force offers a style that’s great for everyone. We’ve designed our guns from scratch, with cool things like bright, futuristic styles, power pressure triggers for further water blasts, extra water tanks for battles on the go, and unique styles like the Hydro Bow.

Flood Force Triton – 6 ounce water capacity, blasts water up to 15 feet

This two-pack of squirt guns is perfect for smaller hands, with a classic easy trigger action that’s simple to operate. For kids ages 4 and older.

Flood Force Flash – 6 ounce water capacity, blasts water up to 16 feet

Sold individually, the Flood Force Flash is also great for small kids and includes a power trigger to make it easier to squeeze. For kids ages 4 and older.

Flood Force Stryker – 6 ounce water capacity, blasts water up to 24 feet

The Flood Force Stryker is a three-pack of water blasters great for sharing with friends. Includes a Power Grip trigger. Winner of Toy Insider’s Top Summer Toys! For kids ages 4 and older.

Flood Force Surge – 15 ounce water capacity, blasts water up to 20 feet

This two-pack of water blasters includes a pressure pump and easy-to-fill twist on water tank. For kids ages 4 and older.

Flood Force Tempest – 18 ounce water capacity, blasts water up to 15 feet

This cool water soaker has two 9 ounce water tanks, for a total of 18 ounces of water power. The spare tank also acts as an extra grip for better control. For kids ages 4 and older.

Flood Force Hydro Bow – 20 ounce water capacity, blasts water up to 26 feet

This innovative water soaker looks like a real bow! Simply draw back the handle and push it forward to squirt the water. Winner of Toy Insider’s Top Summer Toys! For kids ages 5 and older.

Flood Force Tsunami – 26 ounce water capacity, blasts water up to 30 feet

This super-sized water blaster delivers a continuous stream of water. Simply slide the pump handle to build up pressure and pull the trigger to drench your target! For kids ages 5 and older.

Flood Force Power Core – 31 ounce water capacity, blasts water up to 30 feet

Build up the water pressure with the pump-action slider on the handle, then track the amount of force you have during play with the power core gauge! For kids ages 6 and older.

Flood Force Hurricane – 72 ounce water capacity, blasts water up to 28 feet

With an adjustable shoulder strap for traveling battles, the Flood Force Hurricane has maximum water capacity for players on the move.  For kids ages 6 and older.

Play Safe!

As always, please use our Flood Force water blasters responsibly. Never aim at the eyes or face. To take care of your water soakers, always use fresh clean water and drain between uses.

Introducing Disney Finding Dory Pool Toys and Kids Swim Gear!

Get ready for another epic adventure with Nemo, Dory and all their friends when Finding Dory hits the theaters this June! This highly-anticipated sequel to Finding Nemo from Disney Pixar studios is sure to capture the hearts and imaginations of a new generation of kids. This time the story centers around Dory and her journey home … if she can manage to remember where that is, exactly!  Check out the latest preview:

Doesn’t the new movie look like fun? Anticipating the demand that your children will have for toys featuring Finding Dory, we’ve launched a brand new line of Finding Dory pool toys and swim gear for kids! Many of these fun items are available RIGHT NOW at Toys ‘R’ Us (in-store and online), Target (In-store and online), Walmart (in-store) , Amazon, and at local pool stores near you. Visit the Disney Finding Dory pool shop on to see all of these new Finding Dory toys:

Disney Finding Dory Pool Toys and Kids Swim Gear

Disney Finding Dory Pool Toys and Kids Swim Gear from SwimWays


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