Matt Giovanisci

Meet our pool and spa care expert partner, Matt Giovanisci

Matt Giovanisci - Pool & Spa Care ExpertMatt Giovanisci is the creator of Swim University, a website that teaches homeowners how to take care of their pools and hot tubs by providing simple how-to articles, entertaining videos, and online tools.

Matt started working in the pool and spa care industry when he was just 13 years old at a local pool supply store in town. He tested water, helped customers, and stocked the shelves. He quickly became a manager at age 16, running the store entirely by himself. Since then he’s worked at a few different pool and spa companies before focusing his full attention on Swim University.

The goal of Swim University has been the same since it was first created: to make swimming pool and spa care EASY. He wanted to bring the experience he had with his in-store customers to pool and spa owners around the world.

Matt is also an award-winning web developer, graphic artist, musician, and filmmaker.

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