Meet our relaxation expert partner, Tracy Kunzler

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Tracy Kunzler, Relaxation Expert

Tracy Kunzler knows relaxing like no other. As a young woman, she studied relaxation at Radford University in Virginia and then devoted herself to a career in relaxation, earning her LCT (License To Chill) status early on. Consequently, she has developed a high level of relaxation skills few can match. “I have devoted my life to the field of relaxation and am incredibly disciplined. I am a multi-tasking practitioner, often relaxing, napping and tanning all at once. It takes dedication. It takes practice, but I believe you can do it too,” says Tracy.

Tracy has also served in the “hosting and entertaining trenches” as an event planner, room mother, PTA board member and team mom. She regularly shares tips and ideas for relaxing and entertaining on SwimWays’ Relax page.

When not relaxing, Tracy writes humorous essays. Find her latest book, “Aging With Ungirdled Passion,” on

Tracy lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia where she regularly relaxes and entertains beachside and at her backyard pool with husband Neil, their twin sons Cole and Duke (when not away at college), and their beloved mixed breed Bogie.

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