5 Beautiful Camping Spots for Fall

Autumn is a wonderful time of year for enjoying the great outdoors. The cool air is perfect for scenic hikes and evening campfires. Don’t miss out on enjoying the outdoors this fall, spend some time with your family and friends camping, hiking, or just outside enjoying nature. Take a long weekend and go explore some new places! Here are just a few camping spots to consider!

 Camping Spot: Minnewaska State Park

If you’re in the New England area Minnewaska State Park, which is located in Ulster County, NY (approximately 1.5 hours away from NYC), has some amazing features like crystalline sky lakes, waterfalls, cliffs, and hiking/biking paths.

Camping Spot: Starved Rock State Park Campground

Those located in the Midwest might be interested in going to Starved Rock State Park Campground. This park is about two hours away from Chicago and features some amazing sites like waterfalls and sandstone canyons.

Camping Spot: Cape Disappointment State Park

Cape Disappointment State Park









Don’t let the name fool you, Cape Disappointment State Park has some amazing sites you won’t want to miss! This park is located in Washington state and is filled with history from Lewis and Clark’s expedition, U.S. Military legacies, and more.

 Camping Spot:  Chickasaw National Recreation Area

Buffalo Springs at Chickasaw National Recreation Area, in Oklahoma, was at one time known for its supposed therapeutic properties. Some 30,000 trees were planted by the same people who built this pool in the 1930’s and they provide a display of beautiful colors in the fall season.

Camping Spot: Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

You don’t get views like this just anywhere! Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, in California, has an 80-ft waterfall, granite cliffs, an ocean view, redwood trees and more!


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