SwimWays Holiday Gift Guide | 2016


Have you waited until the last minute to start your holiday shopping, again? Avoid walking around aimlessly in crowded malls this year! We created this complete Holiday Gift Guide to minimize stress and maximize your time so you can get back to caroling at neighbors and strangers, listening for Santa’s bells or sipping eggnog while chestnuts are roasting on an open fire.



1. COOP Sports Reactorz


This takes your game to the next level! Designed with Reactive Light Technology, emitting a burst of light with every touch, tap, throw or kick. It also takes your gift-giving to the next level!

Available at Target and Toys “R” Us.





2. Spring Float Recliner


The SwimWays Spring Float Recliner floating lounger is a hot commodity around here. The sit-up style makes watching the kids, relishing a cool drink, or chatting with friends much more enjoyable.

Also available in a roomier size – Spring Float Recliner XL!




3. Millennium Falcon Ride On

millenium falcon

Does this even need explaining? It’s a Star Wars Millennium Falcon XL Ride-On! XL is not to be taken lightly – it’s big! Have a blast blazing through the pool like the intrepid crew of the Millennium Falcon.

Check Leslie’s Pool Supplies for availability.




4. Aquaria Avena


Give the gift of luxury! The Avena foam pool float  provides over six feet of full body support. The oversized integrated pillow elevates your head above the water’s surface, helping to keep your ears and head mostly dry.

You can find the Aquaria Avena on Amazon.




5. Spring Float SunSeat


The SwimWays Spring Float SunSeat is the ultimate floating chair! Compact when folded, our floating pool chair fits easily into a suitcase making it a great pool float for those friends who are always traveling. Get yourself one too – maybe they’ll take you on their next vacation! ;)

Check out your local pool shops for availability.



6. Kelsyus Canopy Chairs


Now you can find a shady spot wherever you go! Perfect for tailgating parties, on the sideline, at the campground, or just hanging out in the backyard with friends.

Our line of canopy chairs includes styles for kids, too. Kelsyus Canopy Chairs can be found at Dick’s Sporting Goods.




7. Aquaria Solana Lounge


Close your eyes, relax and escape on the Aquaria Solana Lounge foam pool float! Luxuriously soft, this foam float provides six feet of full body support and an integrated pillow for the ultimate floating comfort.

You can find the Aquaria Solana Lounge on Amazon.





***Don’t forget to stuff the stockings! Here are 12 ideas:


In lieu of the movie Rogue One, stock up (pun intended) on your Star Wars gear!

1. Star Wars Beach Ball


Since you’re already getting the Millenium Falcon Ride-On Float, you can use this Star Wars Beach Ball as a gift teaser.







2. Star Wars 3-D Swim Ring

starwars-ringThis Star Wars 3-D Swim Ring is an inflatable ring for kids with awesome Star Wars character illustrations. Double layers of intense graphics create a cool 3-D effect, they’ll think they’re floating in a galaxy far, far away.





We want to keep on looking and Finding Dory

3. Disney 3-D Swimmies – Finding Dory


What would Dory do? Just keep swimming! Bring their favorite characters to life with these Disney Finding Dory 3-D Swimmies.






4. Finding Dory Dive Characters


These flexible Finding Dory Dive Characters   are fun to play with both in and out of the pool. Use them for dive and retrieval practice to encourage new swimmers or just for everyday fun!

Each package includes Dory, Nemo and Hank.




And we just can’t seem to Let it Go! Yes, the song is still stuck in our heads.

5. Disney Frozen 3D Ring


Our Disney Frozen 3-D Ring allows your child to stay cool and float with Elsa and Anna!







6. Disney Frozen Dive Characters

frozen-charactersDisney Frozen Dive Characters are flexible water toys that are fun to play with both in and out of the pool. Use them for dive and retrieval practice to encourage new swimmers or just for everyday fun.

Each package includes one Elsa, Anna and Olaf.




7. MARVEL Deluxe Swim Shorty


The awesome styling of the MARVEL Deluxe Swim Shorty makes it a great tool for the learn to swim process, giving children that extra bit of confidence with the knowledge that their favorite Avenger is right there with them as they explore the water.

Designs feature MARVEL characters Iron Man and Captain America.



8. Marvel Avengers Swim Goggles



The soft latex-free construction and water-tight seal of our kids Marvel Avengers Swim Gogglesare super comfortable and fit for a superhero!





Dive, dive, dive!

9. Squidivers

squidiversSquidivers are soft and flexible dive toys. Kids have a blast playing with these colorful, silly-looking squid pool toys.

Comes in a 3 pack.





Break the wake!

10. COOP Hydro Wake Breaker


The COOP Hydro Wake Breaker is great for the pool or beach. Throw it like you’re skipping a rock and watch it bounce on the water! The ball floats making it easy to retrieve.





Fairy Tales come true with Fairy Tails (this totally makes sense!)

11. Fairy Tails

fairy-tailsOur adorable Fairy Tails transform from pixie fairies with legs to magical mermaids! The removable mermaid tail magically changes colors in the sun and back again in cooler water. Each fairy comes with a comb for creating silly underwater hair styles.

Three colorful fairies to choose from: Pearl, Opal and Emmie.



12. Toypedo Bandits

banditsThrow Toypedo Bandits underwater and watch them glide up to 20 feet! With 4 brightly-colored bandits in every pack, kids can share them and trade them with friends.






When we said 12 ideas, we meant a baker’s dozen

13. Submergency


Find and disarm Submergency before the time runs out and the LED lights flash. The leader sets the depth – float, sink or suspend – and watches as the other players try to find it before the time runs out. Listen and locate by following the signals you can hear underwater then press the button to stop the timer. The outer color helps to camouflage the toy from kids as they race to catch it, making the game even more challenging.