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Steps to Swimming Success – Step 3

Steps to Swimming Success - Step 3

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This is the third in a series of three blog posts where we walk you through the steps to swimming success with your child. In the first blog post we talked about Swim Step 1 and making your child’s first time in the water comfortable and happy, in the second blog post we outlined Swim Step 2 and how you can help your toddler build water confidence by exploring the water. In our final blog post in this series we take a look at Swim Step 3 and how you can help your child ease into swimming on their own by using the appropriate tools and instruction. Former U.S. Coast Guard rescue swimmer, Mario Vittone, joins us again as narrator. So let’s take a look at Swim Step 3 – Swim Training. 

As your child becomes more confident in the water it’s important that he or she feels supported and empowered to succeed. Swim Step 3 is the final step before real swimming and it’s a great time to use graduated flotation devices like the SwimWays Power Swimr. This swim trainer features foam inserts that can be removed by parents as their child’s skill develops. Using a swim aid is like training wheels for the water, once your child feels confident and can swim well, it’s time for it to come off!

At this stage you can also introduce swim aids children can hold onto such as a pool noodle or a kickboard to help build core strength and develop kicking skills, as you’ll see in the video. Children who are almost ready to swim without support will also benefit from pool games and even swim lessons at your local recreation center.

And don’t forget, regardless of how confident and independent your child is in the water at this stage it’s more important than ever to remind your child to never swim unsupervised.


Click here for swim safety advice from expert, Mario Vittone and visit SwimWays.com to learn more about our Swim Steps line of products. For more learn to swim resources visit www.teachmetoswim.com.

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