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Steps to Swimming Success – Step 1

Steps to Swimming Success - Step 1

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In April we had a blast filming three new videos for our Swim Steps line of products called “Steps to Swimming Success” at Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation’s Williams Farm location. Each video covers a different step of the learn to swim process and features the voice of former U.S. Coast Guard rescue swimmer and water safety expert, Mario Vittone. Let’s take a look at Swim Step 1 – Water Introduction. 

Swim Step 1

There are so many little things you can do as a parent or guardian of a small child to help them become comfortable in the pool. Children should want to be in the water to make the experience a happy one. At this stage it’s all about play and making your child comfortable as she embraces this strange new environment. Let her feel the water with her hands and gently splash her belly so she gets used to the feeling. Bath time play helps prepare your child for this, so make the pool just as fun as bath time. Engage with your child and bring floating toys if needed for more interaction. The most important thing is to stay by your child’s side at all times, not just for safety but for your child’s comfort.

We believe that your child’s first time in the pool should be about playing and having fun in the safest way possible while using the opportunity to create a bonding experience between you and your child.  Always remember that your apprehension of water can reflect upon your child, so take some time to get comfortable yourself before you venture into the pool together for the first time.

Watch the SwimWays Swim Step 1 – Water Introduction video, below.

Click here for swim safety advice from Mario Vittone and visit SwimWays.com to learn more about our Swim Steps line of products. For more learn to swim resources visit www.teachmetoswim.com.

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