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Water Blasters for Outdoor Fun

SwimWays Flood Force Water Blasters

Get ready for summer water battles of epic proportions!

Our line of Flood Force water blasters and shooters has had a massive update this year. We’re bringing you new products, new styles, improved shooting distances and capacities. Check out the gallery below featuring our refreshed line of water blasters for hours of outdoor fun.

The Flood Force line consists of eight total water blasters. The biggest is the Hurricane with the highest capacity at 78 ounces, it also features the farthest shooting distance reaching up to 28 feet. The Stryker, which comes in a pack of three, has a powerful and easy to use big trigger for lots of soaking power. Our favorite shooter in the line though is the Hydro Bow, it’s a water blaster that  looks like a bow and has real-life bow action. We tested it yesterday with the manager of our product development team and we found that the 20 ounce capacity bow water shooter produces almost two seconds of continuous spray per draw of the bow. Out of interest we decided to see  just how many squirts the bow produced from the integrated water tank and we counted about 74 squirts, and one sore arm.

The Swimways product development team drew inspiration from their favorite science fiction movies and video games when it came to the styling of the Flood Force line. The team also developed  new mechanisms and features to enhance the water play action.

You will be able to find products from the SwimWays Flood Force line at Target, Toys R Us and other fine toy and pool retailers nationwide. Please call your local store ahead of time and confirm product is in stock.