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How to Fold a Spring Float

Learn how to fold a SwimWays Spring Float

How to Fold and Store a Spring Float After Use

Let’s pretend that it’s not November and it’s a beautiful summer day. Today, you spent the afternoon relaxing in your pool on your favorite new floating lounger. Unfortunately it’s getting late and someone has to feed the dog, so you need to pack up the fun for the day.

So, how DO you fold a Spring Float? We’ll show you how. It can be a little tricky at first try but if you follow the three steps below you’ll be good to go! Before we begin, make sure you have rinsed your Spring Float with fresh, clean water and allowed it to fully dry.

Step 1) Hold your Spring Float with palms facing out at a 10 and 2 o’clock position.

Folding a Spring Float - Step 1

Step 2) Still holding your float, start to bring your hands together in front of you. See how the float starts to close up in the picture?

Folding a Spring Float - Step 2

Step 3) Completely bring your hands together and your Spring Float will start closing into three small circles for storage.

Folding a Spring Float - Step 3

Tip: If you are folding a larger float, it sometimes helps to use a knee as a prop when folding – like the model in the first video, below.

Find out how others fold their Spring Float in our YouTube play list. How do you fold yours? Post a video to YouTube and share your expertise with the world!