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Our Swim Team ambassadors and their families had a great summer in the water!

Did you know that tomorrow is the first day of fall? It’s hard to believe that summer is over. During the summer months our Swim Steps Swim Team ambassadors celebrated the warm weather with their families, from playing in the water to relaxing on a pool float. What was most important to us was that our ambassador friends took advantage of this opportunity to not only bond with their children, but to help their children become more confident in the water and teach them to swim.

Here are just some of our ambassador summer highlights for you to enjoy.

Being Reese

Theresa wrote a great article “4 Simple Steps to Teaching Your Toddler to Float“. She used the SwimWays Swim Vest to give her daughter the confidence she needed in the water while learning to swim at her own pace. Check out Theresa’s blog and read her article for some great tips.

Mommy Mentionables

Melanie took her children’s Swim Steps products to their grandparent’s so they could cool off in the family pool. Although Melanie didn’t learn to swim at a young age, she wants her children to have this opportunity. Her toddler used the SwimWays Swim Sweater and according to Melanie, she loved it! Her daughter was able to kick her feet, paddle her arms and even learned how to push herself off the edge of the pool. Melanie’s youngest child was also introduced to the water in the Baby Spring Float – it looks like she had a great time with that cute, smiling face! Visit MommyMentionables.com for more.

The Jackson Five Family Blog

Jenna and her family were busy bees this summer! She used the SwimWays Sea Squirts Swim Assist Vest to help her boys get back into the swim of things again!  They loved that the swim vest featured a flexible dorsal fin on the back – so they looked like sharks as they built confidence in the water. Jenna and her family also threw a Pool Party with a Purpose to celebrate Operation Smile’s Summer Smile Splash fundraising campaign.

Diary of a Working Mom

Jennifer’s eldest daughter can swim now and had a little help from the SwimWays Power Swimr along the way. Greenleigh just needed a little extra confidence (and competition!) to swim on her own – she doesn’t even wear her Power Swimr anymore and quickly progressed to developing her underwater swim skills with SwimWays SquiDivers dive toys. Her younger daughter isn’t quite there yet but was able to get used to playing and splashing in the water with the SwimWays Gobble Gobble Guppies educational toy with floating fish that children can catch and count. Overall Jennifer realized that all children need is to have fun while learning to swim for success. Visit Diary of a Working Mom to read more.

Mama to 5 Blessings

Nicole’s 5 and 3 year old children made great strides using the Sea Squirts Swim Assist Vest in the water, building their confidence as they explored. Her littlest one loved her Baby Spring Float and was so comfortable in it that she dozed off to sleep! Visit Mama to 5 Blessings to learn more.

Mom and More

Cher and her family had a really fun summer judging by her float-packed pool! Her children used our swim vests and dive toys, like SquiDivers, to build confidence in the water. She also threw a Pool Party with a Purpose for Operation Smile’s Summer Smile Splash fundraising campaign. Check out Cher’s post on her Summer Smile Splash pool party.

The Chirping Moms

Courtney’s girls had an awesome summer. Since becoming part of the Swim Steps Swim Team, both girls improved their swimming abilities and water confidence. Courtney’s oldest daughter is now swimming on her own, but flotation aids and swim lessons helped her get there! Read more about their journey on the Chirping Moms blog.

What did you and your family do this summer? Have any interesting learn to swim stories? Comment below!