Shark Week Decoration - Battle Reef Shark

Shark Week Pool Party

by Tracy Kunzler

Delight Your “Chums” With a Jawsome Shark Week Pool Party!

The beginning of August marks the start of The Discovery Channel’s incredibly popular Shark Week, so why not invite your “chums” for a fun, shark-themed pool party to kick it all off? I’ve got a jawsome party plan that’s fun and easy enough for any host to sink his or her teeth into with something to appeal to shark bait – er, I mean guests – of all ages!


You can quickly and inexpensively print up your own invitations on the computer asking your chums to join you for a jawsome shark week pool party. Use pinking shears to cut a “shark bite” on the corner of each before mailing. Sites like provide custom-printed invitations (just type “shark party invitations” in the search bar). The funny “cocktail sharks” cards come from Shirley Bell on etsy.

Set the mood

Add a few “live” sharks in the pool! Nothing sets the mood for a Shark Week pool party like a couple of ferocious sharks swimming in the pool! It’s possible with a pair of SwimWays Battle Reef Sharks! These terrors of the deep end feature menacing jaws and high-speed swimming action with the addition of two AA batteries.

Greet guests with the theme from Jaws available on iTunes for 99¢. Play it on a CD you burn on a portable stereo during the party along with Calypso music (you may be able to borrow a CD of Calypso music from the library) or other shark and ocean-inspired songs like:

  • “Mack the Knife” by Bobby Darin
  • “Under the Sea” from the Little Mermaid
  • “Once Bitten, Twice Shy” by Great White
  • “Wet Dream” by Rick Steffen (silly song with lots of fish puns)
  • “Calypso” by John Denver
  • “In the Summertime” by Mungo Jerry

Make a beachin’ scene – Make and display a sign that reads “Sharks Spotted! Swim at Own Risk!” by the pool. Hang streamers and strips of cellophane in shades of blue (found in the craft store) from the door for guests to walk through for a “watery” effect. Cover your table with a blue tablecloth and have toy sharks “swimming” around your serving dishes. You can find toy sharks at craft or toy stores and online at Use fun shark themed paper products like these plates, napkins and cups from

How about some fish shaped serving dishes? Pick different sizes and be sure they are made from plastic, so they’re safe to use poolside. Fill them with nibbles and bites and set out in food chain sequence for your party!

Photo prop – Make a fun photo op for guests. Paint some butcher block or craft paper with watered-down acrylic paints in shades of blue. If you’re really artsy, paint some shadowy silhouettes of jellyfish and other sea creatures on the paper. Get a swim mask and snorkel and stuffed shark toys like one of our Pooligans. Have guests take turns lying down on the paper on their backs or sides wearing their swimsuits and the mask and snorkel while acting like they’re underwater and coming nose-to-nose with the shark! (You can wipe the snorkel and mask with rubbing alcohol between shoots.) Models can act afraid or fierce, ball up their fist and wave it at the shark, act like he’s got their arm, feed him a plastic fish or even pet him and smile as you stand over them and capture all the funny moments with your camera.

Get the dog in on the fun with a hilarious shark costume. You can find them at Party City or you could even have your furry friend sport our Sea Squirts Doggie Vest, this doggie swim vest features a cute shark fin. Check out Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund sporting his as he terrorizes the beach!

Attack of the #SharkWiener ! Check out my new blog post at

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Underwater shark attack game – Invariably, Shark Week features terrifying scenes of sharks attempting to attack divers submerged in shark cages. (Of course, the divers usually taunt these sharks with half a large tuna or the like. I have to confess, if you’re waving a pan of brownies at me that I can’t get to, there’s no guarantee I won’t try to bite you!) Anyhoo, you can replicate this adventure at your party with a fun game for the older kids. Borrow or buy a crab pot and submerge it in your pool with a Barbie or GI Joe or other action figure inside it. Let kids take turns tossing shark dive toys, like our Dive ‘N Glide Shark, at the cage from a designated distance in an attempt to get it through one of the holes to see who scores the most hits.

Feed the shark corn hole game – If you don’t have a corn hole game set, chances are you have a friend or neighbor you can borrow one from. Use some tape, magic markers, and two sheets of poster board to turn the set into a “feed the shark corn hole” competition. Simply turn the corn hole boards over onto each piece of poster board, making sure to have them centered underneath. Use the holes as stencils for the holes you’ll cut out for the sharks’ mouths, and outline it in pencil on the poster board. Sketch a simple shark head outline in pencil around the holes on each, including some jagged teeth inside the circles you drew. Cut out the mouth and teeth you sketched. Outline the sharks’ heads in dark magic marker and use clear packing tape (make sure the tape you use won’t damage the boards) to adhere the drawings over the corn hole boards, lining up the sharks’ mouths with the holes in the boards. Play as you would regular corn hole and award a small prize or the right to go through the chum line first to the overall winner.

Shark piñata – Let your blindfolded guests take turns “harpooning” this shark piñata filled with what sharks eat – fish! I found this piñata on different sites like, and It can serve as a decoration during the party and a fun way to “fin”ish the event with treats for everyone to take home. I recommend filling it with individually wrapped fish candies.

Shark week programming! – If you’re holding your party during Shark Week, let guests dry off and watch the scheduled programs once they’re finished swimming.


Let your guests get filled to the gills with this fun, shark-themed menu!

Bloody Waters Drink – When my boys were tots, they were served a version of this at a restaurant and thought it was magical. Basically, you pour grenadine – a nonalcoholic cherry juice used to sweeten drinks – into a clean shark toy and let kids (big kids, too, if they’re inclined) pour it into a blue drink from the shark’s mouth. You can often find plastic shark toys at the dollar store or the dollar bin at Target. You can also shop online for the best price. They make a nice party favor for kids to take home. As for the drink, you can use a blue sports drink, Kool-Aid, or tint clear soda with blue food coloring. Check out the Saucy’s Sprinkles shark week blog post and learn how to make your own version of this party drink with alcohol.

Shark-Infested Dips – Serve your favorite dips for tortilla chips – guacamole, pico de gallo, 7-layer, for example – with blue tortilla chip “shark fins” coming out of them.

Watermelon shark – Your guests will enjoy attacking this watermelon shark. The National Watermelon Promotion Board provides this helpful tutorial via YouTube:

Fish tacos – Guests will love sinking their teeth into some fish tacos. Use your favorite recipe or the one I use after tasting it at my local Trader Joe’s. It’s really easy and tasty! Find the recipe on the Changing My Destiny blog.

Sheet cake – “Fin-ish” off the meal with a fun dessert. I love this easy and funny idea I spotted on Pinterest. Just bake your favorite flavor of cake as a sheet cake. Frost the cake with white icing tinted blue with food coloring. Cut a shark fin from black poster board or card stock and insert on one end of the cake and place Swedish fish candies “swimming” away from the shark as shown.

Shark Week: It’s a tough week to be a seal, but a great week to have a pool party!

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