pool noodle decorating

Use Your Noodle Decorating

by Tracy Kunzler

Spruce Up Your Next Party with Swim Noodle Decorating!

When it comes to poolside decorating, think outside the pool and use your noodle! You can find pool noodles at major retailers like Target for all your decorating needs. Here are a just a few ideas to get you started with noodle decorating:

Pool Noodle Garlands

Make festive garlands by slicing pool noodles and stringing the slices onto twine! Not only does this make a festive garland, but it can also serve as a colorful, floating divider to designate or mark off the deep end for less experienced swimmers.

Pool Noodle “Pilings”

Is this not the cutest idea: making “seaside pilings” from pool noodles?! You could add large seashells and starfish, a crab pot, fishermen’s floats, or driftwood to your pilings. These are lightweight and won’t hold up in bad weather, so you’ll want to stash them in the garage or shed between pool parties if you’re expecting a storm.

Pool Noodle Birthday Candles

This is a fun idea to do for all the summer birthdays: honor the birthday guest with extra-large birthday “candles” made from pool noodles! All you do is stick some garden stakes or wooden dowels (both found at the hardware store) slender enough to fit inside the pool noodles into the ground, place a pool noodle over each one, and then tuck in a yellow “flame” made from craft foam from the craft store or even balloons. Once everyone’s ready to swim, your “candles” can become floats!

Visit our Creative Pool Noodle Ideas board on Pinterest for even more inspiration!

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