Poolside Baby Shower Games

by Tracy Kunzler

From the editor: Every baby shower needs some entertainment! Check out these fun baby shower games suggested by relaxation expert and party planner extraordinaire, Tracy Kunzler.

Poolside Baby Shower Fun and Games

Yeah, I know. A lot of shower games are, well, lame. However, many of your guests will be expecting and looking forward to them. The following games are likely to change the minds of shower game naysayers and are sure to make for a memorable event! Be sure to organize some prizes for the winners!

Drain the Baby Bottle

Have the men at the party see how challenging it is for baby to finish a bottle. Give each man a baby bottle with juice in it (make sure all the bottles have the same amount of juice in them) and have a race to see which man can finish his bottle first without using his hands! The person who drains his bottle first is the winner. Hilarious fun. Award a prize such as an “adult bottle” of wine. You could even present it with a baby bottle nipple on top! Below is a YouTube video of men playing this game.

“My Water Broke!”

This is a great game to play in the pool on a hot day. You’ll want to have a bucket filled with water balloons made up beforehand. The best way to play is with a volleyball net strung across the pool.

2-in-1 Game

Have guests break up into teams of two (couples is easy) with members of each team facing each other on opposite sides of the volleyball net. Give a member of each team on one side of the net a water balloon. When you yell, “Switch,” the couples must carefully exchange their water balloon over the top of the volleyball net with out “breaking their water.” Once a couple’s balloon bursts, they’re out of the game. Continue until one couple remains. If you don’t have a volleyball net, you can have couples toss the water balloons back and forth in the pool or on land to see which couple makes the most tosses before their “water breaks.” You could also use the water balloons in a relay. Have guests hold a water balloon between their legs and walk from one point to the other without “breaking their water.”

“Pregnant Twister”

This is another way to get men in on the “fun” of pregnancy. Have guests (those not pregnant) wear a pillow or air-filled balloon taped or tied to their fronts and a fanny pack weighted with a couple cans of soup or vegetables from the pantry on their fannies as they play twister! You may have to play a couple of rounds to get all guests involved. Have the winner of each round play in a final round to determine the overall “pregnant twister” winner.

“The Baby is Craving…”

For this game, you’ll need two boxes or bins: one marked “dads,” the other “moms,” and a list of odds and ends you have placed and semi-hidden throughout the party area (garden gnome, doughnut, plastic dinosaur – anything you can think of you already have around the house or yard). Divide the guests into two teams of “moms” (women) and “dads” (men). Have the expectant mom sit in a chair with the marked boxes on either side of her. One by one, she should read off an item from the list preceded by, “The baby is craving a __________” and then wait while party guests go on a little scavenger hunt around the pool and yard to find the requested item and place it in their team’s box. Whichever team has the most items in the box at the end wins the honor of being served the craveable dessert first!

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