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Red, White and Blue Fourth of July Pool Party


Red, white and blue coolers – You’ll be able to color your guests impressed when they get a load of these red, white and blue drinks!

The trick to these coolers is the varying sugar contents in the drinks create the layered effect. The drink with the highest sugar content hangs at the bottom, and the one with the least stays at the top! These look great served in glass mason jars, but you’ll want to serve them in clear plastic cups for younger guests – especially around the pool.

You’ll also want to have a few drink buckets or coolers stationed throughout your party and filled with plenty of ice and a variety of drinks for your guests. Stick to drinks in red, white and blue cans and bottles to stay with your theme.

American Flag 7-Layer Dip Starter – Serve the always-popular 7-layer dip decorated as an American flag! You can use your favorite recipe, or try this one I found on jessfuel.com.

The main event - Of course it’s up to you, and your guests’ tastes, but you may want to keep in mind many people expect and love being served traditional hot dogs and hamburgers NOT of the veggie or turkey variety. I say this to hopefully spare you the shame of the mistake I made one year by NOT serving a meat that formerly wore hooves during our Fourth of July party. Thinking of my guests’ health, I decided to serve turkey burgers and hot dogs. You would have thought I had doused the flag in kerosene and put it on the grill. I was deemed unpatriotic. My guests felt they had been given a “bum steer” (pun intended). Even my devoted father joined in the mutiny, calling out “Happy Thanksgiving!” as everyone came through the buffet. I learned the hard way not to serve a wimpy meat for this momentous day. I recommend having some veggie burgers for those who would like them, but by all means, consider sticking with traditional hot dogs and hamburgers with all the fixings for the majority!

Sides – You can’t go wrong with the tried-and-true Fourth of July favorites of baked beans, potato salad and corn-on-the-cob. My favorite way to prepare these dishes is to buy the beans and potato salad already made from the grocery store or to assign these dishes to guests who say they would like to bring something to the party. Remember, the motto of your party is “Let freedom ring – especially for the host!”.

Dessert – We have tons of great patriotic dessert ideas on the SwimWays “July 4th Party Ideas & Recipes” board on Pinterest. The following are two things I’ve done that are always a hit: make a red, white and blue trifle for the adults and buy the classic red, white and blue firecracker popsicles for the kids. Also, if any guests offer to bring dessert, I take them up on it. Our forefathers fought hard for the freedom to enjoy lots of dessert on July 4th! We don’t want to waste that privilege!

The ideas don’t end here! Be sure to check out the SwimWays “July 4th Party Ideas & Recipes” board on Pinterest for even more clever ideas for your celebration.

My best to you and yours for a safe and water-full 4th!

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