Spring Float Americana

Red, White and Blue Fourth of July Pool Party


You’ll want to have plenty of all-American activities available for all ages. I recommend a mix of activities to appeal to different age groups at different times so you can have both kid time and adult time in the pool.

Use your noodle(s)! Because of their versatility, pool noodles are a must for every pool party! With accessories to turn pool noodles into cozy pool chairs, rafts and magical, water-squirting monsters, you’ll want to have an ample supply in both red and blue for Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day and all other pool parties!

When it’s time for the kids to play in the pool, creating rafts out of noodles for lots of imaginative pool adventures will keep them happily occupied. Use something like Noodle Loops which help connect multiple pool noodles together.

Younger guests will enjoy making monster ride-ons with Noodle Head Shooters! These cute, colorful and textured characters will shoot water up to 10 feet and they are easy to use. Simply squeeze the character underwater to draw in water, then squeeze it again above the water to squirt.

Noodle Head Shooter

Don’t you wish you could get your kids or spouse to do just half as much as a noodle can do? Click here for lots more ideas for using pool noodles on the SwimWays “Creative Pool Noodle Ideas” board on Pinterest.

Pursuit of Patriotic Happiness – What guest wouldn’t enjoy celebrating their freedom to chill in the Spring Float Americana pool float with its patriotic flag-inspired design? How can you not love something with so much smart function that lets you lollygag in cozy comfort AND fits your party’s decorating scheme?! Our forefathers would be so proud and impressed.
Spring Float Americana

Light up the night with fun pool toys – When the sun sets and it’s time for the rocket’s red glare, bombs bursting in air, oh say, you can still see the pool fun continue! Guests will enjoy playing with light up dive toys and beach balls as the fireworks take over the night sky.
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