Mother’s Day Poolside Garden Brunch: Prepare a No-Fail Feast

by Tracy Kunzler

From the editor: So you’ve set the table and decorated the yard, what’s next? Food and drink of course! Tracy Kunzler has lots of suggestions to make mom’s special day refreshing and delicious!

You want to treat mom to a nice meal. You don’t want to give her food poisoning. As she may have mentioned one or 73 times, she had plenty of nausea with the morning sickness that came with carrying you for nine months! So, keep the brunch menu simple and easy, but delicious nonetheless! I recommend the following:

Special beverages

Serve upgraded versions of Mom’s favorite morning drinks. If she’s a coffee drinker, top off her coffee with some whipped cream and cocoa powder or chocolate shavings. If she prefers iced tea, serve a flavored one like peach or blackberry. Instead of typical orange juice, try a new, exotic juice served in pretty glasses and garnished with fresh fruit.

Smoked salmon platter

Create a beautiful platter of thinly sliced smoked salmon (available in the seafood case of most grocery stores), cream cheese, sliced tomato, slivered red onion, capers and mini bagels. An easy but delicious indulgence!

Mini quiches

You can get these in the frozen food section of most grocery stores and heat up per package directions. They often come in a variety pack.

Fresh fruit platter

Cut up an assortment of mom’s favorite fresh fruits and serve with this easy, can’t-miss fruit dip! With a mixer, blend together one 8 ounce package of softened cream cheese with one 15 ounce jar of marshmallow cream and one teaspoon of vanilla extract until smooth. Chill in a serving bowl or ramekin until ready to serve.

This is especially delicious with fresh pineapple and strawberries but will be well-received with any fruit. Have you ever known anyone NOT to like cream cheese and marshmallow cream? If you do, I’d be mighty suspicious of them.

Cupcake “flower” bouquet

For dessert, serve a special treat that doubles as part of the table decorations! Arrange frosted cupcakes (homemade or store bought) in a clay pot to resemble a flower bouquet! &Sweets on Tumblr shows you how.

You can also get small terracotta pots just large enough to hold a single cupcake from the craft or garden store and do one for each place setting for “single flower” cupcake pots!

Mother’s Day Poolside Garden Brunch: Set the Scene

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