Pool Games Make Swimming More Fun

Swimming pool games are a great way to keep kids entertained and help them become better swimmers at the same time! Here are some popular swimming pool games that kids can play that are not only fun, but designed to help them develop their swimming skills too.

Pool Float Race

Kids Pool Float A pool float race is a fun way to help kids become stronger swimmers! Each kid is given a float, and everyone starts at the same place. Mark off a place they will swim to, and then with a whistle have them race to the finishing line.

The float race can be a lot of fun with variations too. You can even have a pool float relay race, having kids reach a point, hop off their float, and swim the rest of the way!

This is a great game to play with the SwimWays Spring Float Kid’s Boat pool float. Or with the Disney and Marvel kid’s boat pool floats – you can have a boat race between Spider-Man and Tinkerbell!

Another option for kids – especially the younger ones – is using a kickboard, which helps them strengthen their legs for swimming! The Marvel kickboard is very popular, letting kids race with their favorite Marvel character, like Captain America, Iron Man, or Spider-Man!

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunting is always a favorite, and can keep kids entertained for hours. Throw a number of toys and objects around the pool, and have your kids go and find them as fast as they can! Whoever finds the most objects wins. This also encourages kids to become better underwater swimmers.

Toypedo This game is lots of fun when played with the Toypedo, or for more expert swimmers, try the smaller Toypedo Bandits. Since the Toypedo Bandits come in packs of 4, it’s easier than ever to use them for a treasure hunt! The smaller size of the Toypedo Bandits can make finding and retrieving them more challenging, which can help kids become more observant underwater.

For another challenging variation, try adding the Toypedo Revolution to the mix. Its color scheme helps it blend into the background of most pools, making it a challenge to find. This will really make kids look for it!

 Color Catch

Rainbow Reef MiniThe Color Catch game is another popular game that’s fun for all ages of swimmers. Each child picks their favorite color, and then swims off to retrieve all the objects in the pool of the same color. Whoever finds all the toys or objects that matches their colors first wins!

This game can be played on the surface or under the water – or for a more challenging variation, try using toys that both float and sink!

You can make this game bright and fun by using a combination of Toypedo Bandits for the underwater toys, and Rainbow Reef fish for the surface. Pick a set of your favorite colors, and enjoy the color catch game!

What kinds of pool games do you play with your kids?