Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is coming soon! Don’t scramble to find a gift at the last second! We’ve got some ideas on what Dad might like in our 2019 Swimways Father’s Day Gift Guide!

Pro Chip Spring Golf

What could be better than combining pool fun with the ability to practice those golf skills without having to leave the backyard? Dad will LOVE the Pro Chip Spring Golf, the portable and easy-to-set-up Spring Float for golfers!

2019 Father's Day Gift Guide- Spring Float Pro-Chip Spring Golf

Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair

If dad likes barbecues and watching his children’s (or grandchildren’s) soccer/baseball games from the sidelines, the Original Canopy Chair is the perfect gift! Setting up and packing up this chair is super easy. The canopy helps keep the sun from beating on him down too strong, and the mesh seat helps promote air flow for extra comfort!

2019 Father's Day Gift Guide- Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair

Eaten Alive Inflatable Pool Float

If you’ve got one of those playful, goofy dads, this may be just the gift for him! The family will enjoy lots of laughs as dad sits up in the jaws or hangs over the edge of the teeth in the Eaten Alive Inflatable Pool Float. You’ll be sure to get some great photos too!

2019 Father's Day Gift Guide- Eaten Alive Inflatable Pool Float

Kelsyus Floating Chair

The Floating Chair offers a more supported sitting position and is ideal for someone who enjoys sitting up while they relax in the water. With this, dad will enjoy free-floating comfort while taking advantage of the awesome included features such as: a cup holder, carry bag and tethering capabilities.

2019 Father's Day Gift Guide- Kelsyus Floating Chair Pool Float

Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Inflatable Ride-On Float

Here’s one for the star wars-loving dads out there! The Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Inflatable Ride-On Float is great for pool parties, vacations, and everyday pool fun with the family!

2019 Father's Day Gift Guide- SwimWays Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Inflatable Ride-On Pool Float

Spring Float Recliner/Spring Float Recliner XL

Let Dad sit back, relax, and kick his feet up in the pool with the Spring Float Recliner! This item is great for ultimate luxury in the pool. For taller dads, the Spring Float Recliner XL offers the same features, but has an extra roomy seat and a longer length!

Kelsyus Premium Bean Bag Toss

The Kelsyus Premium Bean Bag Toss is great for the backyard or taking with to the beach or campground!

2019 Father's Day Gift Guide- Kelsyus Premium Bean Bag Toss

Aerobie Pro Ring

Last, but certainly not least, the Aerobie Pro Ring is a favorite item by many, and may just be what dad is looking for to spend some time with the kids outside while getting some exercise in! This ring was used to set a Guinness World Record for the farthest throw- 1,333 feet! The open center allows each player to personalize throwing and catching styles – catch the edge with your hand or use the center to catch it with your arm or foot!

2019 Father's Day Gift Guide- Aerobie Pro Ring

We know buying for dad can be tough, so hopefully we were able to help! Here’s a link to last year’s Gift Guide for more ideas!

If you purchase any Swimways products for Father’s Day, we’d love to see some photos! Tag us @swimways, @AerobieOfficial or @Kelsyus on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

Swim Steps 1, 2, 3!

Editor’s Note: This blog focuses on teaching children to swim with the SwimWays Swim Steps program. The steps include Swim Step 1: Water IntroductionSwim Step 2: Water Exploration, and Swim Step 3: Swim Training. Swim along with us and teach your child the skills of a lifetime!

Swim Steps 1

  1. Don’t force it- It’s very important that your baby want to be in the water. If he/she doesn’t, consider sitting with them on the edge of the pool or letting them play on a shallow step while staying within arm’s reach.
  2. Getting used to the water- The next step is to allow them to dip their toes in. Consider splashing a little water onto their stomach, too!
  3. Help your baby become comfortable- Now, you can place your child in one of our comfortable and secure Baby Spring Floats (for ages 9-24 months).
Swimways Baby Spring Float Splash Station

Swim Steps 2

  1. Touch Supervision- It’s important that you stay within arm’s reach of your child (known as “touch supervision”) while they continue to explore the water in Step 2- Water Exploration. This will help to build trust and security while in the pool, as well as gain some independence.
  2. Fun + Instruction- Split the time you’ve designated for your child’s swim training to include time spent with a swim instructor and time dedicated to fun. You can use floating pool toys such as Pick Me Up Pelican to develop hand-eye coordination, balance, and confidence!
  3. Breath Control- A great way to develop your child’s breath control is by using games. Lower and raise a toy above and just below the surface of the water. Make sure they also have goggles to keep water out of their eyes.

Swim Steps 3

During your child’s Swim Step 3 training, they should continue wearing swim training flotation aids like the Sea Squirts Swim Trainer Life Jacket or Power Swimr. These wearable flotation devices help your child stay in well-balanced swimming positions. They are also easy to adjust.

These vests help children learn to use their arms and kick their legs- training them to develop coordination for independent movement in the water. As your child progresses, you can begin to take the flotation pads out of the Power Swimr, one at a time. Along with wearing swim gear, continue to encourage your child to practice and consider signing them up for swim lessons.

Be sure to take a look our Swim Steps training videos 1, 2 and 3. Don’t forget to use your other resources like the American Red Cross water safety checklist and TeachMeToSwim.com.

For more detailed instructions, take a look at our blogs on each of the individual steps.

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